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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Fully white/yellow cockatiel

Lost: Milpitas on 2/29/12

    On 2/25/2012, we lost a Cockatiel near the Milpitas. We saw
    it stay in a high nearby tree for a day, but the next
    morning it flew away to the nearby mountain areas. Please oh
    please help us retrieve him. He means family to us and has a
    female avian friend that is desperately calling and crying
    for his return. He replies to a very high pitched command
    "up!" or "birdie!"

    We do not know if/how long he will survive being alone in
    the wild because he's been indoors and eating bird food his
    whole life. Also, there may be the presence of hawks and
    other predators.

    Our entire family is in grief and pain of losing a valued

    If there are any sightings of him, please refer to the list
    of contacts below:

    My name will be Tim and ready to answer calls anytime :

    or (be sure to note the spelling
    error of "separate")

    Phones: 408-858-3124

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