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Lost: Nelsen Rd, Scarborough, Maine on 4/16/12

    Scurvy is a Jenday Conure lost in the Pleasant Hill
    Rd/Highland Ave/Chamberlain Rd area of Scarborough. His
    coloring is that of a typical Jenday Conure. He is a
    friendly bird and pretty social with most strangers. Like
    most birds, he will startle at loud noises and other birds
    flying around - even if a leaf floats by a window.

    He flies in the house, and will sometimes come to you if you
    say "Scurvy come" with your left hand and index finger out.
    He sometimes overshoots and lands on your head or shoulders
    when he flies to us in the house. If he is perched on
    something within your reach, put your right index finger up
    to him just about his feet and say "step up" in a happy
    voice. He is very particular about which hand he will get on
    in which situation. He will often feel comforted or come to
    you if you also make 'kissy' noises. Be slow and calm.

    Scurvy loves fruit and veggies, and gets very excited when
    he sees us holding or cutting red or green things. He
    recognizes strawberries, cucumber, grapes, apples, bananas,
    lettuce, bowls of milk or plain yogurt and more as delicious
    foods worth flying to get.

    He is 5 years old. I've had him since he was 3 mos old and
    he has never been outside, other than in his carrier to
    occasionally go to the Vet. He is probably terrified and
    flying in random starts and stops when he hears or sees
    something scary. I'm not sure of gender, we just always use
    the male gender.

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