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Lost: 80th & Wornall (Waldo) Kansas City, MO on 4/27/12

    Please help! My baby is missing! Her name is Chewy, she is
    a yellow & grey lutino/pearl cockatiel, about 3-4 years
    old, and she has a purple-ish ankle band. She flew outside
    from our store, Community Thrift (8011 Wornall rd) on the
    evening of 4/25 and now we can't find her!!! :( If you see
    her you may attempt to catch her by any means. Any help is
    appreciated! She might come to you whistling/calling her
    name or if you offer her any food/treats. (She might come
    to you for some potato chips!) If you see her or have any
    information please come by the store (if you're in the
    area) or call us (816)-444-4800. Or text (816)-482-7438 or
    email from the link. We will gladly offer some kind of
    reward for anyone who can get her back to us, but please
    look for her regardless! THANK YOU! :)

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