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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Parrot Sun Conure

Lost: Boardman, Ohio on 8/01/12

    Lost Parrot Conure. Lost from Boardman, Ohio last sighted
    nearby in Poland, Ohio. "Tulip" Orange/gold body, green
    wings. Very tame, social. May come to you, please call her,
    try peanut butter, banana. Hold out your arm. If she comes
    to you, let her dive in your shirt, walk indoors. If found
    on porch/patio, try to call her to come indoors. Must be
    well-lit, parrots are night blind. May be heard before seen
    - ear-splitting tropical screech. Try whistling Abba's
    "Take a Chance on Me" 16 years old. Terrified of dogs/cats.
    Please call immediately: 330- 502-8038.

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