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Lost: neighborgood off cambridge drive in Hawthorn woods, illinois on 8/29/12

    On August 29th (wed) I had lost my green Alexandrine
    parrot(9 years old) and he flew into the woods. We still
    cannot find him. The area in which he flew away is harvard
    lane in Hawthorn Woods.
    My neighborhood is right off of Cambridge drive and is on
    gilmer road off of route 83. If you do find him, immediately
    call this number: 224-595-9066. If no one picks up on that
    line, please call this #: 224-595-9067.
    If that number doesn't work either, please call:
    847-281-6609. Also, if you do find him, make sure to not
    lose sight of him and even take a video of him so that we
    will know in which area he resides. Make sure to
    have either a towel or pillow case in order to trap him if
    possible. Make sure to not startle him, since he's easily
    scared. People, do not give up! He means the world to my
    family. Also, please tell all of your friends and relatives
    about him--give them the posted picture of him. Thank you.

Lost green parrot :(! Please help me find him!

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