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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Green Cheek Conure

Lost: Ironwood Drive backyard in San Jose, California on 10/31/12

    My Green Cheek Conure called Rainbow was last seen at 12pm
    October 29th on Ironwood Drive backyard in San Jose. Her
    body (from head to feet) is about 4.5 inch tall and her red
    tail about 4.5 inch long. She has a little orange feather
    on her nose. Her chest from neck to feet is in a color
    transition from yellow to red. She has green wings, blue
    flight feathers and a long red tail. She has no band, is
    fully flighted, but needs to learn how to land. If you see
    her, please kindly lure her with nuts, call her with soft
    and high voice, and contact me by (408) 674-2243 or for rewards. GREAT THANKS! MUCHAS

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