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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Parakeet - Budgie

Lost: HOUSTON, TX (Harris County) on 11/27/12

    Our Parakeets flew out of their cage. Their names are BLU
    and ELLA. They were last seen on 2500 Old Farm Road in
    HOUSTON, TX (Harris County). BLU is a 10 month old male
    Parakeet. His dominant color is blue. He is lovely and
    friendly, but is scared of strangers. He has a band in his
    leg. ELLA is a 7 month old female Parakeet. ELLA is a
    lovely, docile and friendly parakeet, she is such a baby,
    her dominant color is between blue and light violet and her
    face is yellow, she also has a band in her leg. If you find
    them, PLEASE contact M Junior 281 912 7190.


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