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Lost: Lyndhurst, New Jersey on 6/25/13

    On June 16, 2013, my scarlet macaw, Emel, escaped her cage
    which was outside at the time during the early morning. We
    live near the Riverside Park and the Passaic River, as well
    as Rutherford, Nutley, and the highway. On June 19, 2013,
    she was spotted by a driver to be flying over the Passaic
    River. We got her a year and seven months ago, and at the
    time her wing's were clipped, but they grew back since.
    Emel looks like a typical scarlet macaw, except that her
    body feathers are a bit disheveled. She is also banded.
    Please help us find our beloved bird! Every bit of
    information is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much for reading this. :)

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