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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: congo african grey "gracie"

Lost: northeast philadelphia pa on 10/31/13

    Gracie is a rehomed grey with anxiety and is a stomach
    plucker. she is normally clipped we think her flight
    feathers grew in unexpectedly, this was the first flight
    she ever took, she was spooked and flew from our home 10/28
    around noon. vicinity of rhawn street and rowland ave. no
    spotting or vocals heard since flight, we do not know where
    she landed or where she went. been combing the
    neighborhood, posting ads, flyers, etc. she is likely
    freezing and starving and may approach anyone for food. she
    can bite so be cautious, prefers men. family with children
    greiving, and gracie is special need so please contact with
    any sighting or if you hear whistling/talking. sounds
    female. 267-671-7769 or 802-578-5553. Please help us find
    our girl. Thanks.

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