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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Parakeet / Budgie

Lost: Katy TX (far west Houston) on 5/09/14

    LOST PARAKEET - KATY TEXAS (far west Houston)
    Name: Daggmar
    If you find or see him, please CALL 281-578-8908
    Lost: Tuesday 4/29/2014
    From: Place at GreenTrails Apartments, on Houghton Rd (near
    Fry @ Kingsland intersection) in Katy, Texas.
    Daggmar is a male, bright green and yellow parakeet with
    black stripes and a blue dash on his cheeks. He has a band
    on his right leg.
    Does fly but will likely tire easily. May respond to
    "Daggmar" or "Jellybean." Will be hungry and thirsty; loves
    fresh broccoli, apples, plums and birdseed. Will eat from
    your hand and taste almost any food offered to him. Not
    afraid of people (may land on your head) but is easily
    spooked. If you offer him your hand - held flat, palm down -
    he may hop on.
    His family and his cage-mate miss him very much.
    If you find or see him, please CALL 281-578-8908 (landline -
    no text).
    Thank you.

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