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Lost: Warren Glen / Pohatcong NJ on 7/02/14

    We lost our pet parakeet on July 1, 2014. He is very pale
    blue and white. He answers to the name Baby.

    He is very tame and hand trained. He will fly to you if you
    call him and put your hand out flat. He will land on your
    hand, or possibly your head. You can also hold him in your
    hands if you grab him gently and hold him firmly but
    softly, and don't squeeze!

    We are in the Warren Glen area, near Warren
    Glen/Riegelsville Road (Route 627). We are also very close
    to Pennsylvania PA.

    Our little girls miss him very much and we know he misses
    us, too. We would really like our bird back. If found,
    PLEASE email

    Also, please mention this to your family and friends who
    live in the area... Word of mouth can go a long way. Thank

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