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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Lost: Martinsville, Indiana on 7/11/14

    My 1 year old male Indian Ringneck got spooked and took off
    flying when I had him and his female cage mate outside on
    the back porch giving them a bath. He is a normal green
    with NO definite ring around his neck yet. His wings are
    clipped to the point that he is able to fly for a pretty
    good distance but can only get about 5 - 6 ft off the
    ground. He is hand tame but very, very, shy of strangers.
    He also blends in very well to the green trees and bushes.
    If you happen to see him DO NOT TRY TO APPROACH HIM WITH A
    STICK PERCH it would be better if you can reach him to
    offer your hand to him with a step-up command QUICKLY. His
    name is Rhemey and he does say a few phrases like "Your a
    pickle Baley, Look at me/Rhemey, Let me out, Hello, Good
    Boy"...He was last seen around Mahalasville Rd right across
    from the self-storage units in Martinsville on July 5th
    HIS SAFE CAPTURE AND RETURN. Please call or text me anytime
    day or night (765)343-2581 Libby. Thank you for any help.

    UPDATE: I got a verified (a picture) sighting of Rhemey. He
    was over by the Morgan Co. Humane Society on Mitchell St.
    in Martinsville, IN. I can only assume that the dogs
    barking outside the shelter probably attracted him there
    because of my dogs and my birds being around each other and
    obviously he is able to fly better than I thought. The
    shelter contacted me and I arrived there within 5 minutes
    of their call but he had flown off. PLEASE PLEASE if he is
    sighted again keep a close eye on him, talk to him and if
    possible offer him some food like a piece of apple or
    banana this will keep him there until I can arrive
    hopefully. SEE LAST PICTURE-Thank you.

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