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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Cockatiel - Whitefaced Pearl Pied

Lost: Mesa, AZ (Lindsay Rd & Southern Ave) on 12/23/14

    On 12/20/2014, We lost our precious pearly faced Cockatiel.
    His name is Gibson but we call him Gibby or pretty bird
    mostly. He is medium in size and weighs about 85 grams.
    He's mostly white with some grey on his wings and a tiny
    bit on his face. He has a yellow ID band around his right
    ankle. Unfortunately we are uncertain of the numbers on the
    tag. We live in Mesa, AZ and he flew away and was heading
    north-west towards Lindsay Rd and Southern Ave. We are
    offering a $500 reward for finding and keeping him safe
    until we're reunited!

    Thank you from Jared (480-776-9697) & Gina (602-369-2822)

Craigslist- Lost Cockatiel - $500 Reward

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