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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: White-Faced Cockatiel

Lost: Parkland, WA on 3/13/15

    Lost White-face 3 year old Male Cockatiel....he is gray and
    white and goes by the name of Qwee-Qway. He whistles very
    good and loud and talks a lot, though most of what he says
    only he understands. Our granddaughter was holding the door
    open and he got out. He was coming right back and the
    neighborhood dogs started barking and it scared him and he
    flew. Was seen between Washington High School and 112th ST.
    S. in Parkland, WA. flying South on Sat. 3/7, and again on
    3/10 flying N/NE over 116th St S. in Parkland, WA. He is
    friendly and might fly to you and land on your head or
    shoulder. He will NOT bite so please don't be frightened or
    frighten him, but was not hand fed so he doesn't like
    hands.(wont let you touch him). He loves Beatles music,
    especially Yellow Submarine. If he hears it, he will fly to
    the source and start whistling the tune. If anyone happens
    to see him, please don't lose sight of him and contact me.
    He is a family pet and is sadly missed and we want him back
    so much, so please if you see him text me right away.

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