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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: pineapple conure

Lost: west palmdale,california near Eldercreek ct on 4/13/15

    Kaleo got caught in an air current. Heading east. He is
    clumsy to fly because his wing had been clipped before. He
    is green top part,yellowish and reddish under belly. Wings
    are green and flight wings are tail feather that
    some are frayed. We are new to this area. His name is
    Kaleo.. Has on left leg like a reddish circle on his other
    wise yellow leg feathers. U can reach me at 661-607-4922 he
    has been lost since Saturday April 11,2015 Thank u

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  • Birds/Items Lost: pineapple conure, 4/13/15, lost: west palmdale,california near Eldercreek ct.