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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Hahn's macaw

Lost: garner NC on 5/11/15

    We lost our Hahn's macaw, Casey, on saturday 5/9 near Ald's
    in Garner on Timber Drive. She does talk and vocalize
    extensively but at this point she's flown a decent amount
    and was worn out last we saw her. We had heavy rain all
    night last night, too. She was located multiple times on
    sunday 5/10 but she keeps flying because she gets spooked.
    Last time we saw her was sunday around 3 pm, and she
    crossed timber from behind aldi's towards walgreens/lowe's
    foods. We canvassed extensively all day sunday with both of
    our other parrots (that's how we found her the first
    several times) but she hasn't responding any more since
    yesterday afternoon. We spent a good bit of time this
    morning hitting all of the areas again with mango
    vocalizing and went out from there to areas we hadn't gone
    before. She has a call/response to 'how's the doggie go?'-
    and she barks back in a small dog's bark. We have spread
    flyers in that area heavily both at residences nearby and
    the businesses and school nearby, and i'm working on
    getting word out to all of the info/media places i can
    think of to spread the word. So far, i've done shelters,
    vets, animal control, pet stores, and a couple online
    sites. Thanks so much!

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