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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Congo African Grey Parrot " Bodie"

Lost: Longview, Texas, USA on 12/18/15

    Bodie is a 13 year old Congo African Grey, she has red
    feath er on the back of her neck, her wings are no clipped.
    She is

    not good at flying. Bodie mimics sounds like the fire alarm
    , microwave sounds, cats, dogs barking,running water sound,
    whisles “la cucaracha” and her own songs. Some words on her
    vocabulary are : Bodie!, Bodie bird, I want some water,
    wate r, tickle tickle , Angel, Dexter, Hello, No, wooo! ,
    what?! and more. Bodie has a Spanish accent when she talks.
    She eat s a seed/pellet/mix , fruits and some veggies.
    Bodie bites i f handle by strangers.

    Bodie flew out of the front of my house on Sequoyah Ln, she

    flew very low then high and went down some, I believe she h
    it a tree in one of the houses across the street and there
    i s a creek behind this houses and a lot of branches and

    including pine trees. This is her first time flying, and sh
    e doesn’t know how to land. I believe she is still in the
    ne ighborhood and I put flyers as well as talked to some of


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