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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Greenwing Macaw

Lost: La Mesa Calif on 12/28/15

    As I was leaving the pet ER hospital on Jackson Street
    across the street from Toys "R" Us at 12:30 pm Wednesday
    December 16 which is in La Mesa California. The bird I was
    training to jump/fly 30 to 40 feet caught a wind at 20-30
    mph it helped her up into the air and she flew over
    interstate 8 and 125 Junction which left her a lot of
    choices because on the right is Grossmont Mall on the left
    two strip malls and On top of that leaves lamp lamps plus
    and the the Dodge dealership she should have probably
    landed in one of these areas she is only two years old and
    not conditioned to free fly and her wings were clipped
    someone probably picked her up and took her home for
    safekeeping please she is a showbird especially for
    Christmas please call me as I am lost without her I am
    offering $1000 reward no questions asked make this holiday
    wish come true I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe
    holiday I am a professional bird trainer. My phone number is

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