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Lost: Chicago, IL on 5/25/16

    Today my Sunday conure flew out of our door. It happened
    very fast. He was last seen flying south but could be
    anywhere. He is very tame but also probably very afraid.
    His name is Dexter. He is rainbow colors but mostly orange
    red and green. He can say hello, blow kisses, laugh, and do
    many other things. He loves bananas and other fruits and
    veggies. He is a very important member of our family and we
    would be absolutely devastated if we don't find him. If you
    hear him or see him please call me or text me and let me
    know. His scream does not sound like ordinary wild birds
    and he will probably go near a human for food. Please call
    or text me at 7737241447 if you see him or hear him. I just
    want my baby back. He's not replaceable.

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