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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Pied Cockatiel

Lost: Downey Ave., Downey, CA on 7/25/16

    She is 7 months old. We are not sure about her gender. Her
    mohawk is yellow but has a small gray stain in front of it.
    Top of the head and around neck is yellow. Under beak is
    gray. Back, tail, and chest is light yellow. Wings are
    mostly gray but have white/light yellow flight feathers.
    She is very tame and would sit on your finger.

    We live at San Diego, but were visiting our parents at
    Downey Ave., Downey California when she flew away from a
    slightly open door to the backyard and disappeared. Looked
    for hours but couldn't find her or hear her voice. We had
    to leave and go back to San Diego, but left a lot of flyers
    in the neighborhood and also online.

    Please help us find her. Our daughters and us are
    heartbroken and would appreciate your help.

    Thank you, Hooman Malek Email: Cell:
    (619) 253-7089

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