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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: Lutino Cockatiel

Lost: Hayward, California on 8/29/16

    My white lutino cockatiel named Near flew away from my
    home. He flew around the area of Whitman, Sycamore, Berry,
    Orchard and other streets close by my house. He head
    towards Whitman St. all the way towards Tennyson area and
    maybe have gone towards union city. He has ring band on his
    foot. I don't know the number. He is thin and small about
    4-6 inches tall. His tail's tip has a blood stained on it
    so it looks dark. He has orange cheeks. He has no feathers
    on his legs. He has no feathers on the front. He has
    plucked feathers on the back as well. He can fly high since
    his feathers aren't clipped. He has missing feathers on
    both wings.

    Please call me at 5105015466 or email me at

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