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Lost: Justin TX (north Fort Worth) on 9/28/16

    Please help us!!! We lost our family member and we are
    devastated! He flew out of the home in a complete accident!
    He is a very sweet bird who loves us as much as we love him

    DESCRIPTION: He is a traditional Cockatiel, 3 years old,
    face is yellow with graying shade over the yellow, and has
    an orange circle. He is gray, white and yellow overall. He
    has a weak bite, because he's gentle! He loves to be pet
    and eats at the table with the family, food specially
    prepared for his own diet needs!!!

    UNIQUE MARKINGS: the top lid of his right eye shows a
    little bump, causing feathers to slightly cover the eye,
    from an injury he had from his previous owner whom we
    rescued from.

    We live in Justin TX, he flew scared from a truck, going
    Southeast. We did not see how far he went, but believe hes
    still nearby in Justin/Roanoke. He is very likely scared
    and hungry!

    He loves people and will definitely go to you if you have
    food. His wings are not clipped--my own fault!!! He does
    respond to his name, LASHER.

    We were told he is a boy and never had him tested for sure,
    but we feel he is a boy. He is not very vocal except when
    he's hungry or can't see you, he'll whistle loudly. He
    LOVES to be pet on his neck and cheeks once he knows you.

    PLEASE HELP! Text at 940-206-2316 Email:

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