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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: African Grey -Congo

Lost: Cypress, TX 77429 on 10/07/16

    Lost 10/6/16 his name is REV he is friendly but tends to
    like females more. He is 5 yrs old. Step up and Come on are
    the commands we use to get him on our finger, if you happen
    to get him on your finger please gently use your thumb to
    hold his toes so he cant fly away. Even if he tries just
    walk along with him flying but dont let go. if you dont
    have a cage you can put him in the bathroom on the shower
    stall til we can get there. Please call 832- 364-0809 or

    He loves Peppers, (orange, yellow or red bell peppers) and
    pizza ! Cheese and crust only no onions or mushrooms
    please. He will also eat carrots and apple and grapes. he
    will also drink water out of a bowl or cup we are worried
    about him not getting water

    please call it's way to quiet around around here !

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