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Lost: Brier, Washington on 5/26/17

    My cockatiel, Pepper escaped on February 17th 2017 in
    Brier, Washington. $200 CASH reward for her return.

    She is of cinnamon/pearl/pied color, with a yellow face,
    red-orange cheeks. Greyish body, with light greyish and
    white markings on her wings. Yellow tail Pink feet, brown

    She used to have lil grey marks on her yellow crest
    feathers but crows may have plucked her crest off- or she
    could molt it.

    I had visited and bonded with her until she was weaned, and
    we were inseparable since then until she found out her
    outdoor cage door wasn't locked all the way and escaped..I
    am heartbroken and don't want to give up quite yet.

    CONTACT INFO Email ( Phone

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