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Lost: Albuquerque, New Mexico on 7/05/17

    Details: We are desperately looking for a whiteface
    cockatiel, we are not sure if it is male or female. She is
    about 10-12 inches tall, has a white crest on the top of
    her head, and has patches of dark grey. You may or may not
    have found our bird but if you think so please email us and
    send us a picture of all the sides of the bird. She has
    very distinct features that only someone who has seen her
    before can identify. If your friends are looking for a
    smaller pet bird that is tame, please do not even consider
    handing her over. Just because it seems like she bonded
    with them doesn't mean they actually did, it was only
    because of starvation and dehydration. We are searching for
    her desperately and it is very cruel to re-home parrots
    unnecessarily without the owner's permission. She has
    bonded with us and would not accept care from anyone else,
    she hisses as well. If you do happen to find her please
    avoid forcing her to do anything that makes her hiss as she
    will take off.

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