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Lost: John Drive - Old Bethpage, NY on 12/01/18

    Our Sun Conure that answers to "Poopie" escaped from our
    home (on John Dr) on November 30th, 2018 at approximately
    5:30PM. He i 1 year old, has no band or microchip. He is
    bright yellow and orange on the body, and green and yellow
    on the wings with blue feathers at the wings end (see photo
    attached). He is very friendly and sociable, and usually
    responds with a loud screech/squawk when called. He just
    grew in his flight feathers and is an unsure flyer. Please
    contact with any info you may have!!!!

LOST: NY, Old Bethpage, Sun Conure (Parrot), "Poopie", Nov 30, 2018

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