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Lost: Northridge, CA on 12/14/18

    Choo Choo is still missing and I appreciate all of your
    advice, support, and efforts to find him.

    The location he flew from was Vincennes and Reseda/Yolanda.

    He has a brother Africa Grey who we have stationed outside
    in their cage hoping he will hear his brothers call/ voice.
    I have spread out his favourite peanuts on our roof and by
    our doorstep. Also, I have tried to play soundtracks of
    birds which his brother is reacting too because he has been
    very silent since Choo Choo's missing.

    Last night was very cold, and so is today. I am praying,
    meditating, and have set an altar with Choo Choo's feathers
    hoping I can energetically call him in. I just want to know
    Choo Choo is safe and continues to live his best life.

    Thank you all again!

    Lost African Grey family parrot named Choo Choo. Flew away
    on 12/13/18 at 8am. Please contact me if seen or found.
    Thank you so much

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