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Lost: 2409 South Street, Rolling Meadows Illinois on 5/24/20

    May 23, 2020 Approx. ~5:30pm

    Cockatiel - Light Gray/White with Yellow Crest and Orange
    Cheeks Name: Digi (pronounced “Dih-Jee”) Location: 2409
    South St, Rolling Meadows (Near Kimball Hill School)
    (Arlington Heights, Palatine, Schaumburg, Mount Prospect)

    May respond to his name, “Hi Digi!”, “Pretty Bird” as well
    as different common whistles (ie. Cat Call Whistle).

    The sound of shaking a bag of chips/nuts/etc excites him
    and may lure him closer. If found he will be hungry and
    exhausted. He will eat seeds, nuts, bread, leafy greens,
    some other veggies, chips, etc.

    We love him very much and are extremely sad that he is

    Please Call/Text: (847) 809-6166 if seen or found.

    Thank you

Lost Bird Name: Digi

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