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BIRDS/ITEMS LOST: African Congo Grey

Lost: East Cheltenham Ave, Philadelphia, PA on 5/26/20

    Yesterday, our family bird, an African Congo Grey, escaped
    our home. We need an extra pair of eyes to retrieve Merlin
    home so he can be safe once again. We live in Philadelphia,
    and Merlin escaped from East Cheltenham Ave and Sylvester
    Street traveling South. We think he might have gone down to
    Juniata but is unsure since they can fly up to 30 miles a
    day. This is the only recent picture I have of Merlin which
    unfortunately isn't a full body picture of him, however, he
    looks just like any other African Grey with a red tail. My
    heart is breaking at the thought of his scared little body.
    If you have any information (like sightings and found
    African greys ) or tips on how to find him like resources,
    please contact me.

Lost African Congo!

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