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PARROT CLUBS/MEETINGS: Lycoming County [PA] Parrot Society/First Meeting

Posted by ~Peggy in NE PA on 10/17/07

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    Lycoming County Parrot Society

    First “informal” gathering scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 28,
    2007 at 3pm-rescheduled from an earlier date.
    Topics for Possible Discussion
    The forming of this group
    Equal responsibilities
    A meeting place for when our group gets larger
    Acting in a avian rescue capacity by forming foster homes
    and adoption program.

    There is a great need in this area for this type of
    program. As a breeder, I get calls often from people
    wanting to place their birds.
    We have taken some and have re-homed them, but I have to be
    very careful what I bring into my home because we have a
    lot to lose if disease is brought in. That and the fact
    that added birds is time consuming and space consuming.
    It’s not something that just one person can do.

    Charities and fund raising events for non-profit avian
    organizations. We already have someone working on this, but
    she can use help.
    Opportunity for individuals to organize their own
    undertakings for the group, so bring new ideas.
    Education program that is taken to schools and nursing
    homes, etc.
    Breeders, avian vet. and other resource data base.
    Future Avian events such as Bird Fairs and speaking events.

    Refreshments will be served: If you would like to bring
    something we are going to keep it simple- just snacky kind
    of finger food treats.
    If you live in the area, feel free to join us!
    Email for details and location

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