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Posted by PARLY HARLEY on 8/23/11

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    lamine and jazmine are hand-fed two year old African Grey.
    They are incredibly smart and sweet. They are open to
    different people but, as typical of African Grey's they are
    closer to a one person bird. African Grey's must be
    surgically sexed and so I can't be certain. They are open
    to people when given appropriate time, space, and most
    important of all, peanut butter. :)
    Lamine and Jazmine are most often too smart for their own
    good and needs a person who understands their independence.
    They are typical African Grey and needs someone who will be
    patient and persistent with them. They will love to be with
    you in almost every activity you do. They will take a
    shower with you, help with the laundry, go for walks and
    drive in the car and try to eat everything you so. They are
    not an aggressive bird unless they are left to often by
    their selves. This is the primary reason I am desperately
    trying to give them out because I am too occupied at my job
    place and i live in a non pet apartment and am also
    traveling a lot. They need a home that will provide action
    and stimulus. When give these they are quite able to
    entertain their selves for long periods of time in their
    own cage. If you can give them a safe and consistently
    active home, I know you and them will get along wonderfully!

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