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PARROT CLUBS/MEETINGS: Great Area of Houston Bird Mart. Nov 20

Posted by Jorge on 9/02/11

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    We are happy to announce our new Bird Mart that is going to
    take place at the Stafford Centre this coming November 20.
    From 9am to 5pm. General Admission is $5. Kids under 12
    free Free parking. This is a great opportunity to find
    quality bird toys, cages, and such. There would be birds
    for sale as well. The most important thing is this Mart
    would be an education opportunity for all bird owners. We
    will have the presence of a local bird clinic that would
    provide nutrition tips for owners as well as general
    additional info about birds. A surprise speaker also is
    planning to attend and 2 non-profit organizations. Don't
    miss this great chance to attend this new local event for
    Texans. Vendors are welcome to participate in this event.
    Just request vendor into to Peace

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