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Posted by Columbus Ohio on 1/15/12

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of The New Hope Avian
    Education and Rescue(501c3 pending) group. Are you
    interested in adopting an exotic bird or parrot? Want to
    learn more about proper bird care? Want to socialize with
    other bird-minded people? NHAER is the place for you!!

    We at New Hope Avian Education and Rescue (NHAER) exist to
    assure the humane and compassionate care of captive,
    domesticated birds. We believe that through public
    education, assisting in the rescue and the placement of
    homeless, abused, or neglected birds, we can greatly improve
    the lives of these animals.

    There are many "rescues" popping up across the country. Some
    have excellent intentions to help the birds, but others are
    jumping on the bandwagon to make a profit and exploit the
    ever growing number of birds that are being bought and sold
    over and over again. We DO NOT want to be considered a
    "rescue". We are providing a very specialized service for
    people who are seeking the best possible home for a
    companion bird.

    Health, relocation, divorce, marriage, college, and death
    are just some of the reasons that people come to us for
    help. Professional and individual references of those who
    have trusted us to find homes for birds will be furnished
    upon request.

    Check out our website http://newhopeparrots.og for officer
    contact information or for more information about our
    upcoming parrot training class.
    **Come and join us at CAHS on Sunday the 22nd at 2:00 in the
    afternoon. This will be a beginners class on the care of
    Parrots in General. Come by and meet our staff and maybe
    learn something new.**
    You can also find us on Facebook!

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