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PARROT CLUBS/MEETINGS: Emergencies and Your Pet Bird

Posted by luciedove on 10/24/07

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    Sunday, November 18

    Emergencies and Your Pet Bird

    1 - 4pm

    Meeting Place:

    NYC Veterinary Specialists
    410 West 55th street at 9th Avenue
    New York, NY

    Dr. Sally Haddock*, DVM and Dr. Amy Kurowski, DVM will
    lead the presentation.
    St. Marks Veterinary Hospital

    Part One:
    Discussion of common household dangers and environmental
    injuries in the bird. How to keep your bird safe in your

    Part Two:
    Avian illnesses which can present as emergency situations
    in your bird. How to diagnose and treat these illnesses.

    Following the presentation we will have an informal
    question and answer period.

    Please rsvp

    *From New York Magazine - Best Vets in NYC
    Sally Haddock, DVM, Internist
    St. Marks Veterinary Hospital
    348 East 9th Street New York, NY

    When Sally Haddock was applying to vet schools in the
    seventies, women were the exotics. Now things have
    improved vastly -- women make up about 75 percent of vet
    students -- and Haddock has become an expert at exotics,
    particularly the avian kind. "Birds have great
    personality," says the spirited blonde author of The
    Making of a Woman Vet. "They're very curious." Injuries,
    viral infections, and gastroenteritis are the most common
    bird ills, but Haddock also deals with obsessive feather-
    picking, bad diets ("Birds are seed junkies," she says),
    and "way too many cat bites."

    Because blood loss is a major issue with surgery on tiny
    bird parts, St. Marks, with its laser-surgery machine, is
    the place in the city for avian operations.

    Other exotics that visit the clinic include bearded
    dragons, potbellied pigs, hedgehogs, ferrets,
    snakes, and hairy chinchillas ("the cutest things in the
    whole wide world," says the vet). Soon, after
    renovations, St. Marks hopes to accommodate fish. "If we
    have to hospitalize fish," she says, "it would be handy to
    have an aquarium."

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