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Posted by USA on 11/26/18

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    parrots and fertile parrot eggs for sale (972) 843-1704 We
    are parrot breeders of high quality talkative breeds and
    have available the following parrot and eggs species
    african grey parrots, cockatoo parrots,blue and gold macaw
    ,citron cockatoo,jumbo brown coturnix quail and fertile
    fresh eggs,parakeets,MACAW,congo African Grey eggs,

    Timneh Grey eggs, Umbrella Cockatoo eggs, Palm Cockatoo
    eggs, Goffin Cockatoo eggs, Gallah Cockatoo eggs, Blue and
    Gold Macaw eggs, Scarlet Macaw eggs, Greenwing Macaw eggs,
    Hyacinth Macaw eggs, Sollomons Island Eclectus eggs, Dyh
    Amazon eggs, Toco Toucan eggs, Cockatiel eggs, Senegal
    eggs, Conures eggs. Blue and Gold Macaws Catalina Macaws
    Scarlet Macaws Hyacinths Macaws Capri Macaws Harlequin
    Macaws Camelot macaws Buffon Macaws Hahn Macaws Flame
    macaws Calico Macaws Military macaws Green Wing macaws
    Harligold macaws

    Contact us for more details via email Skype ID: parrot.king1 Call or text
    :(972) 843-1704

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