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Posted by Samira Anita on 11/27/18

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    It is with a sad heart that we are having to sell our 5
    month old African Grey named Tula. We have had her since
    she was 17 weeks old. Unfortunately a change in
    circumstances has forced us to sell her. She is a
    beautiful, loving bird who wants nothing more than to be
    with you all the time. She loves being out of her cage and
    very much enjoys evening snuggles. She is very friendly
    towards everyone. She has been taught a couple of tricks
    and whistles already. She learns quickly. She steps up and
    fly’s to “target”. We have already converted her to a full
    pellet diet, along with fresh fruit and veg. She underwent
    a full health check at the vets only a month ago and is
    very healthy. She isn’t DNA tested but due to her frame and
    lightness in colour, the breeder was confident she is a
    female. She is ringed and will come with full cites
    paperwork, however we are still awaiting this paperwork
    from the breeder. It is with great sadness that we have to
    offer her for sale as she is a gorgeous bird with a lovely
    personality and great characteristics. Email me back for
    more details. E-mail: Text at

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