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PARROTS FOR SALE: African grey babies, taking deposits

Posted by Lakeside Aviaries on 10/17/20

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    I am taking deposits for winter 2020 and 2021 baby African
    greys. I am located on Long Island, NY. My aviary is called
    Lakeside Aviaries.

    Lakeside Aviaries is Long Island's premier breeding and
    educational aviary. The proprietor of Lakeside Aviaries is
    William Fritsch, PIJAC and Petco certified avian
    specialist. The birds from Lakeside Aviaries have been
    featured in fashion magazine '10', Bird Talk magazine, The
    African Parrot Society's "The African Ark", the American
    Federation of Aviculture's "Watchbird", and other
    avicultural avenues. We are members of the American
    Federation of Aviculture, African Lovebird Society, and
    National Cockatiel Society. Lakeside Aviaries, which
    operates out of William's family home, is a quarantine
    facility and fully equipped nursery. All babies can come
    fully vet checked, DNA sexed and polyoma vaccinated.

    William has twenty years of operation since the business
    has been open since 2000, starting with lovebirds and
    budgerigars. Although we do not breed our parrots any
    longer (we used to be a New York State licensed bird
    breeder), we do obtain our babies from quality breeders.

    We specialize in African greys.

    Our domestic, show quality hand-fed baby parrots come with
    a hatch certificate, one year health guarantee - this is
    the best in the business, close-banded rings, photos of
    developmental progress, hatch date, records of daily
    weight, and journal entires on their progress. Birds are
    potty- trained, trick trained, and thus very tame. Our
    babies are the sweetest hand-fed babies in New York State
    and the tri-state area. Our babies are raised with children
    and other animals. All of our birds are on pelleted diets.

    I have a website ( I can be
    reached by phone at 646-484-9455.

Lakeside Aviaries

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