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PARROTS FOR SALE: July 23rd bird fair - Pittsburgh and Medina OH

Posted by OHPA bird fair on 6/21/17

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    Come early - Stay Late! The next bird fair is Pittsburgh,

    on July 23rd; Sunday. $5; kids 12 and under free, free park

    Find everything you need to feed your birds! The fairs have
    a huge variety of food - pellets, millet, softbill food,
    see d mixes, and we have nutrition experts at the fairs to
    help you learn to make chop, birdy bread, diet conversions,
    etc. There is also free recipes there!

    2017 OHPA bird fairs also have an August 19th fair in Ohio
    o n Saturday ..stock up on food, toys, cages, perches,
    supplem ents, and more! Find your new feathered friend, we
    have both

    babies and birds for adoption...parrots, budgies, cockatiel
    s, finches, canaries, and more.

    Come see what all our wonderful vendors, breeders, and
    rescu e organizations are bringing!

    Check us out on facebook at OHPA bird fairs or on the
    websit e

    Also - fair dates in Pittsburgh PA

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