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PARROTS FOR SALE: PROVEN Green Cheek (turqo/blue) Eclectus Vos Maeri

Posted by outside Philadelphia area on 6/29/17

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    Last of the small pairs For Sale-Trade

    #1 Proven pair of greencheek conures blue-turq very pretty
    perfect feather, pair 2yrs old..Incubate and feed (4-6
    chicks/clutch) Awesome birds, handfed but 100% breeder
    birds, perfect in every way $Make Offer$ , Trades, Looking
    for lg pairs, greenwing, blue/gold, Military etc $600 cage
    and box $100 . #2 Proven Vos Maeri Both birds in perfect
    feather (could use a good bath,they spend a lot of time in
    the box together , WILL breed all yr if you leave the box
    on) These guys are extremely consistent 2 eggs 2 babies ...
    I ony let the breed 2x/yr their diet is correct for
    eclectus .. they incubate and feed if left undisturbed (you
    cant peek in the box everyday, or they scramble around and
    can crack eggs if the box isnt bedded down) TRUE age
    unknown.. I made this pair up myself from previous pets
    that were not pet quality 5 years ago... Ages estimated
    8-10 yrs old $1800 $Make offer$ Trades for larger birds,
    macaws, b/g greenwings military .... prefer a pair of same
    quality as above . Single Male Citron Cockatoo parent fed
    and fledged 10yrs old PROVEN with an Umbrella cockatoo (i
    know i know Hybrids, but they fell in LOVE at 1st sight,
    she was 30yrs old and has since passed ..complications
    resulted in eggbinding... very sad lonely boy left behind
    ... needs a good breeder home ! $500

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! Be serious if you contact
    me...Photos for serious buyers, please include your phone #
    and email for a prompt reply

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