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PARROTS FOR SALE: Parrot Supplies!!!

Posted by Michigan on 10/08/17

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    Large Parrot Cage (32" X 24" X 63"tall) $150

    Medium Parrot Cage (5/8" bar spacing) $85

    Small white cage $10

    Travel carrier with perch and food dish $15

    Spiral rope perch $15

    Plexiglass hanger $5

    Brand new dishes that attach to any cage $3

    Sandy shower perch $5

    Sandy bouncy perch $5

    T-stand $15

    Play gym $15

    Rope perches $5

    Wooden swing $5

    Fleece blanket $4

    Birdy Buddy $4

    Car perch $5

    Avi-Cakes $5/each... New Unopened Exp. date 09/2018

    All SIX bags of Avi-Cakes + one bag of Yogurt Dip Treats

    (Each bag cost $10 x 6 bags = $60 just for the Avi Cakes,
    if you bought them at the pet store)

    Large bag of parrot mix consisting of Bocca Nut Parrot,
    Pretty Bird Pellets, and Higgins Vita Seed $18 (25 lb. bag
    3/4 full)


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