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PARROTS FOR SALE: Pure pairs African Congo grey parrots for a perfect home

Posted by jason lava on 12/27/17

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    With a very heavy heart we are reluctantly selling our
    beloved 4 year old Pure pairs African grey parrots. Great
    character and personality. they are an EXCELLENT TALKERS.
    First to contact will buy. Although with their excellent
    mimicing ... there have learnt to say one swear word.. when
    they wants

    Very affectionate and loving. There are very clever...
    mimics people... laughs in various voices... mimics a
    telephone then have a full conversation. they calls the dog
    . Says thank you.. They talks alot... and they learns very
    easily. They comes with all that i have for them, a large
    macaw cage, toys, bowls, his own light, food.

    contact email address;

    The perfect home only.

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