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Bird Buying Tips from Connie

Posted by Connie in Lancaster, PA on 11/21/04

    It is up to YOU, if you are buying ANYONE'S birds to
    DO YOUR HOMEWORK before purchasing anything!

    Try to pick up the bird(s) personally if possible. Try to
    see the set up that the person has. If you need to ship
    (or even if you don't), ASK MANY QUESTIONS!!!! You can
    tell alot about a person and how they care (or don't care)
    for their birds by asking questions! What diet are they
    on? Do they eat only seed? Do they eat pellets, fresh
    veggies and fruits? If a breeder bird, when did they last
    clutch? How many eggs did they lay? How many hatched?
    How many survived? Did the parents feed the babies? Are
    they banded? Do they have DNA certificates? If you are
    buying a baby, how long has it been since it weaned? What
    is it eating? What guarantee do they offer?

    If you are dealing with a reputable breeder they will give
    you answers to all of your questions.... Why? Because they
    have nothing to hide! Don't be afraid to ask for
    references. Someone they recently sold a bird to, someone
    they previously sold to, their vet, do they belong to any
    bird clubs, etc, etc.

    Yes, you may come across "bad breeders" from time to
    time... It is up to YOU to know what you are getting before
    you send any money. Most important, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!

    Connie = )