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BIRDS/ITEMS WANTED: Blue fronted amazon pair (TRADE)

Posted by wisconsin on 4/13/13

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    I have a blue fronted amazon pair (breeders) i would like
    to trade for a single young, tame and talking African
    grey. The pair has been together for about 3 years and
    been working the nest box. Both are in perfect health and
    feathers. Male needs his nails trimmed .The female had
    babies with a previouse mate. They will come with there
    huge cage and nestbox in excange for a smaller nice cage .
    My cage is huge and only about 1.5 years old. If you are
    interested at all please let me know. I am in no hurry to
    get rit of them. They are not loud unless they are out of
    water or food. Thanks
    262-753-3077 text only, will not answer ant calls. Local

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