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BIRDS/ITEMS WANTED: Adopt a Blue Front Amazon

Posted by Greg H on 12/19/18

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    Hello Parrot Keepers: Does anyone know,have info, Address fo
    r a Recuse called A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc I am trying to
    adopt a BFA and I can get no reply back. I did make contact
    to Fran until she block me from the internet. I make a mist
    ake saying this will be my first Parrot and I said what sex
    is the BFA and that was a mistake I made because a nice lady
    told me they may think you are going to Breed them. I just
    want to adopt and give this Parrot a good home and no more l
    ife in a Cage. This bird is nine years old. Yes I can be a g
    ood dad to this Amazon Parrot. Please help and GOD BLESS for
    your help and info and May SAINT FRANICS watch over all rec
    use Animals Greg

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