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Featured Parrots

Birdmart.Com is all about birds and the people who love them. For this reason, this part of our site is set aside just for you. We would love to see pictures and hear stories about your parrot! To submit a photo or a story click here.

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This is Waco. She's a 6 year-old Yellow Naped Amazon parrot. Waco named herself - it was the one word she repeated over and over again when her owner, Celestine, first took her home. One of Waco's favorite hobbies is imitating the phone's ring in hopes that her owner will rush to her like she rushes to the phone! Pretty clever!

This swarthy fellow is sailor bird Spike. Spike is a 8 year old Green Wing Macaw owned by the Bartons. Spike loves his male owner, but is not as fond of the owners wife - except when she sings (the claim is that she doesn't sing well, but Spike loves it anyway). Spike's favorite song is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Spike has been with the Bartons for a year and a half now. He is well loved and it is rumored that he is spoiled to boot!

The bathing beauty to the left is Rio, a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot owned by Judy Schroeder of San Diego, CA. Rio loves his outdoor showers (of which the lovely San Diego weather allows him many). He also enjoys the distinction of "Big Man on Campus," actually the birdroom. He is in charge of keeping a close eye on 6 other birds - 2 cockatiels, a Senegal Parrot, a Mexican Red-Head Amazon and 2 Zebra Finches (not to mention 3 cats!). Rio's hearty efforts are rewarded with love, play, good food and showers - or else he'll let you know about it!

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