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Featured Parrots - Page 2

Birdmart.Com is all about birds and the people who love them. For this reason, this part of our site is set aside just for you. We would love to see pictures and hear stories about your parrot! To submit a photo or a story click here.

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The pink beauty on the left is Molluccan Cockatoo Reko. Reko is on his third owner, and, as they say, "third time's a charm"! When Reko's elderly owners passed away, he was left with people who couldn't take his noise. To quiet him, them put him in a small cage in a dark room. Out of desperate lonliness, Reko pulled the feathers out of his chest and legs. Luckily, Reko then became the ward of Bobbie Jones. As you can see, all the love and attention he gets have paid off. Reko has all his feathers except for those on his legs, where the folicles are so badly damaged that feathers will never grow back. No matter, Reko is a true lovable sweetheart, says Bobbie. He loves to be cuddled and slathered with attention, which his owner is more than willing to do!

These two cuties are Peaches (African Grey) and Widdlebird (Quaker) owned by Cheryl Stringfellow. In the pictures, Peaches is helping the family sample some Lobster Bisque (and oyster crackers, apparently), while Widdlebird is diligently helping with computer work (as all good parrots do!). While human companion Cheryl swore she'd never get too attached to an animal again, these two made that promise impossible to keep. Their great personalities and undying devotion make them the best friends that Cheryl could hope for!

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