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As a service to the parrot-loving public, Birdmart.Com offers free lost and found parrot advertisements. If you have lost your bird, or found one, please e-mail the information to us, and we will post it as soon as possible. Tips for advertising these birds are as follows:

Lost Birds: Include as much information as possible including bird type, color, distinguishing characteristics, name, band number (if available), date bird was lost, city/state/area bird was lost from, your name, contact phone and/or contact e-mail. Birdmart.Com will accept pictures for this section as well.
Found Birds: To prevent potential thieves from calling on and claiming a found bird, include little information about the parrot's looks or species here. More importantly, give us the date and city/state where the bird was found, a very general description of the bird (i.e. "green parrot found"), a contact name and a phone number and/or e-mail address. Photos are not recommended for this section.

Do you have questions about this page, or the information it contains? Please e-mail us! We will answer all mail that we can!
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