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Parrot Recipes Related Topics:
Psittacine Cuisine
Feeding Your Pet Parrot

Do you have a recipe that your bird just goes crazy for? We'd love to hear it! Please e-mail your recipes to us. Please make sure this is a proven and bird-safe recipes. Safe dishes must not have avocado, chocolate or rhubarb and should have little fats, salt or sugar. Although all recipes will be screened before posting, Birdmart.Com cannot be held responsible for any effects/results from the posted recipes.

Budgie Mix
This is a healthy mix of veggies that budgies will readily eat after the introduction period. It is my adaptation of an avian vet's diet that was recomended to me many years ago. This is a low moisture recipe that does not quickly spoil.
3 cups cooked brown rice (1 cup dry + 2 cups water according to directions)
1 lb frozen corn nibblets
1 lb frozen small peas
(optional) 1 lb small bird pellets.

Recommend chilling rice before mixing with veggies to keep kernels separated. Keep veggies frozen. Store in ziploc bags. This makes enough to feed one budgie for several months.
Thaw before serving. Add finely diced carrots and broccoli florets. If your birds haven't eaten peas before, squash a few the first few times - then they get the idea. Not only is this healthy, but it looks mah-ve-lous.
-Janet S. Levy

Birdie Bread
This is a fun recipe that can be adapted to your creativity and your bird's personal taste. It is a great food to "hide" healthy foods in that your birds would normally not eat.
All you do is take any inexpensive commercial cornbread mix. To it, add a variety of veggies, fruits, beans, rice, etc. Don't add so much stuff that the bread cannot stick together. Cook in small loaf tins or mini-muffin tins according to box directions.
Note: To make eating more interesting, leave the muffin papers on when you give the muffins to your birds. This way, they have to peel the paper off before eating! Don't let your bird play with foil muffin papers!

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