Converting a bird off seeds and onto pellets and table foods is not as simple as it may seem. Seeds, basically, taste good to birds. They are crunchy and high in fat (much like potato chips), and are very appealing to birds. Most birds who are on an all-seed diet are very reluctant to give in to a bowl of pellets, fruits and veggies.

This can be compared to giving a child pizza every day for lunch and then suddenly substituting this meal with broccoli and carrots. The child is likely to protest and even refuse to eat. With food conversion, the key word is patience. Most parrots will not convert from a seed diet in just one day. Many will not even "go quietly," opting to pout and scream in an attempt to have the seed returned.

There are a few different methods that you may employ in an attempt to get your birds eating right. Before attempting any food conversion, it is essential that your bird be examined by a qualified avian veterinarian and have a blood test and throat/stool culture run. This will assure that your bird is healthy and able to withstand the stress of food conversion.

There are several techniques an owner can employ if they are trying to convert their seed eater into a health food "nut." The following sections briefly explain the processes. Your avian veterinarian can help you through this sometimes tough process, as well!