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"Rescuing" Parrots

With parrots becoming increasingly popular pets, more and more of these "exotic" companions are being put up for adoption. All over the country, rescue groups are being created to take in these unwanted birds and find them new homes. Usually, these groups have have a two-fold purpose of adopting out unwanted parrots and educating the public on parrot care. While rescuing a bird is a great thing to do (and Birdmart.Com certainly encourages it!), be prepared! Often these birds come with psychological or physical "baggage." Also please do not use rescue groups as a way to get a "cheap" parrot! Normally, these groups have very strict requirements and classes you must take before adopting any bird. These groups' major hope is to get these birds into homes so they will never be "unwanted" again. Also remember, information you hear at these classes and meetings may not be perfectly accurate. Consult your veterinarian with any concerns, or before changing your bird's diet or supplementing their nutrition. If you find any grave error in the information you received at a class or meeting, take it up with the group's board members in private. Normally, information you receive in these group meetings is wholly intended to be accurate and in your bird's best interest.
Like our "Bird Clubs" section, this section is intended to act as a resource to help bird owners find rescue groups in their area. Group listings are free, and we encourage members to e-mail us with information on their group. Please include the name, city, state, contact name and phone number and any other information you'd like to see printed. Notices will be listed by state.

Please click here for a listing of rescue groups in your area.

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